Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When Was the Last Time You Thought About Creativity?

I had the pleasure of being introduced to the TED Conference a few years ago, and it has since then provided me with a great means of experiencing some of the most creative and brilliant minds in the world. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, the TED Conference (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is a gathering held every year in which some of most skilled and educated people in these fields, converge to discuss their areas of expertise, and how they relate to our present and future world.

This particular talk by Sir Ken Robinson was one of the most moving I've come across, and addresses some fundamental issues in our perception about creativity and education system.  If you like this, I'd encourage you to check out www.ted.com, to find more talks of the same caliber.


Char said...

That video was great! thanks for sharing it. Education definitely needs some serious attention. Hopefully after the recession dies out it will become a priority.

Nick Bilich said...

Hey Char! Glad you liked it. Ken has a great book called "The Element" which expands on a lot of the topics he hits in the TED talk. Definitely pass on the info to anyone you think would be interested--the more people we can get talking about these things, the better! Cheers!