Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Word of the Month

So it's been a bit longer than I anticipated since I've had a minute to put something down. But while writing emails this morning I came across an interesting twist on a word, and decided that I should start doing a "word of the month" segment.

Word of November: "Manner"
Definition: The instance or cirumstance in which one displays characteristics superceding the currently exstablished norm of masculinity or manliness.

Please feel free to post your uses of this word throughout the month.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Why "The Rhombus"

So the title, "The Rhombus" actually hails from the days when my buddies and I used to jam in high school. Around our junior year we all were obcessed with Phish, and devoured all the literature we could about how they met, jammed, etc. But one interesting detail about their history was a section my buddy Sean and I read about the place Phish used to go and philosophize, which they termed The Rhombus. Apparently somewhere near where Phish lived, they found a giant rhombus sitting in the forest and decided to make this their meeting spot of sorts. Thinking this was a great idea, Sean and I went driving around Santa Rosa to find the spot which we could deem our own Rhombus. The place we found was a electrical shed, cut into the side of a hill next to a golf course. And if you climbed onto the hillside behind the building, you had to most amazing view of the city as well as complete privacy from anyone who might be passing by. Thus, our Rhombus became the place to which we retreated, to talk about life, faith, music, girls, etc. It became a place where you could step back from life and realize the intricacies of the situations which were presented to you, a place where you could tap into the zeal which drives our creative minds, and a place where you could appreciate the depth of true friendship. Therefore, I thought it quite fitting to call this blog, The Rhombus.